Afro American Police Association

Since 1969 the Afro American Police Association of Buffalo has served as a catalyst for change within the Buffalo Police Department and the Buffalo community. The AAPA continues to work diligently within the city of Buffalo building positive relationships within our community and serving as mentors to our youth. With over one-hundred members, the AAPA has continued to expand, in addition to including other law enforcement agencies.   


The vase majority of our members have lived and/or currently live in the community they are now serving. 


The work we accomplish within our community is a team effort. Continuing to work together as one is essential for our growth and development.


Members of our Afro American Police Association lead by example. Professionalism, integrity, and respect. 

The Work We Accomplish Together Can Save
The World!

Words From Our President
Lt. Darren Exum 

“My name is Darren Exum, the President of Buffalo NY Afro-American Police Association (A.A.P.A). Our goal is to improve relations between police and the community, and to assist citizens with fair opportunities in seeking and keeping employment within the Dept. by bringing us all together as one for the betterment of ourselves and the community we serve.”
“They need to know who we are, and that help is on the way.  We must improve our image and assist those with the desire to follow in our footsteps. In an effort to continue working as a team, we would like to keep the membership informed on all pertinent information and decision making process. By staying connected with other Law Enforcement associations both locally and surrounding areas, associations such as: A.B.L.E (Association of Black Law Enforcement located in Toronto), we can spread our wings and gain knowledge near and far.  Thank you all for allowing us the opportunity to make these things happen.”

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The more we grow, the more resources & access we’re able to utilize in assisting the youth & our community 🙂

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